01 November 2019

I want to make this post less effort by forgetting how simple the title is and probably no single photo needed.
I just want to make a remark that today, 01 November 2019 is the day when a whole new chapter of my life has been created. I was remembering the day when I was a bit younger and full of dreams. When I was ambitious and starving for achievements. I know I lost it and getting too comfortable with who I am today. I stopped dreaming and getting nowhere near what I want to be.

As I got another responsibility and tasks to do, I have to reset my point of view. Recall the purpose, the value that I want to achieve. Redefine again things that matter the most. Find the priority.

Sometimes I forget how to being grateful, do something without calculation, too much complain and some regretful acts.
But we are a Human and that what makes us different than the Saints. We grow and brave enough to take a risk. We are wrong but we know how to resolve.

Thank God for all the experiences. 

Dwi Maharani

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