To My Korean Friend, Dan Heejin-ssi

8:51 PM

hello blog, we meet again !
i've told you about my friend from
this post is dedicate to her that really want to see my photo :D hahaha..

well eonnie, in this picture you can see that i use 'batik'. i think i have tol you about batik right?

and this is my school uniform. i was drawing 'madamama' in our blackboard class. honestly, we have 2 black boards. black in left, white in right. 

from right :
ema, she used purple hijab,  me who made a 'peace' sign, our handsome cat 'felix' but now it lost, and then my brother, aidil. we took this picture in 2010. it's lebaran day. lebaran is a big day for muslim. like christmas for christian, nyepi for hindhu and imlek (gong xi fa choi) for buddhist..

well eonnie, you can send me a comment

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  1. Hey Dwi~안녕!^^
    It's me Dan Heejin -ssi ahahahahhaha ;)
    Thank you for showing your pictures to me. You are really cute! You looks like Moon Keun-young :) Do you know her?
    She is korean actress who is called as korean' cute sister. Aidil and Ema are also seems to be really kind people.^-^ Thank you!Say hello to them from me. Have a nice day!♡ Sampai jumpa!
    -from Dan heejin ssi ahahahahahhah ^^

    p.s. O.o I don't know what should I click for uploading my this comment,, T_T


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